The Story

The Animal Runes

Loki grew restless. This in and of itself was nothing out of the ordinary, whenever Loki wasn’t embroiled in some form of trickery he was restless. He had recently stepped over the line with the gods and was now in hiding, waiting to eventually be caught, and punished. His current position had him brooding over something bigger than his normal trickery. He was done biding his time waiting for Ragnarok and had spent the last week in a particularly foul mood.

Slowly the edges of Loki’s mouth began to rise forming a macabre smile. He had finally come up with a plan to defy the fates themselves and to destroy the gods. His plan would probably lead to his location being found out, but that was no matter as long as he succeeded.

Loki’s plan was simple in theory, goad one of the dwarven master smiths into creating something that would make humans as powerful as the gods. Initially the Dwarf refused saying that he would need to go back to his forge to be able to create something this powerful. This of course was something Loki could not allow to happen, but a little more goading eventually lead to the dwarf boasting he could easily accomplish the task with the help of a few assistants. This was agreeable to Loki and he allowed 2 other smiths to come and help.

The dwarves crafted special animal runes that would imbue the human wielder with great powers. The speed of a rabbit, the defenses of a turtle, the strength of a bear. It is unknown the true number of these runes that were created before word eventually spread to Odin. Odin was furious and traveled to the forge demanding that all of the runes be destroyed. Loki managed to escape Odin’s wrath by turning into a little fly and goading the smith one last time into lying about destroying the Runes and instead scattering them throughout the 9 worlds.

Unfortunately for Loki, the dwarf had been correct that the runes needed to be created in his forge. The Animal Runes were all flawed, while they did bestow great power on the wielder, they also carried an equally large disadvantage. While the turtle rune will bestow its wielder with great defense, it also cripples the wielder with slow speed, and if used too much these advantages and disadvantages become permanent to wielder.

Loki was eventually caught and as the years passed the runes were all but forgotten about.

Until one day…