The Characters

Whaleheart Sketch

Sveinn / Sveina (WhaleHeart)

Sveinn was the Hero of the village until they suffered a tragic hunting accident and woke fused to a container on their back containing the beating heart of a Narwhal which replaced their heart. Due to the size and strength of the Narwhal heart Sveinn found themselves with strength far beyond their previous limit, but if they overexert their body cannot handle the amount of blood being pumped and it sprays out the tube running to their chest.

Shaman Sketch

The Hunter

The Hunter was was a viking that sailed far to a mystical lad where he became enamored with a member of the local buffalo herd and moved out to live with them. After what should have been a deadly accident The Hunter awoke fused with the skull of a Bison as a mask and found that they had incredible stamina, but also a great hunger that can never be sated and causes them to randomly lose focus.

Merperson Sketch

The Merperson

The Merperson has always been an outcast due to being a vegetarian in a Race of Carnivores
but was tolerated due to being a member of the ruling family. Due to the Merfolks world existing at the center of fate for all worlds the Merperson can use Animal Runes but they are only half as effective and progress twice as fast as with the other characters.

Birdman Sketch


The Birdperson started life as dwarf, unfortunately they were a dwarf that was both slight of build and possessed no magic. They loved to sit outside and watch the Great Eagles, and also loved to tinker with mechanical steam devices. After a horrible accident that left them tarred and covered with feathers they believe themselves to be a bird god, wearing a pair of steam powered bird legs that they created and new found lightness since the accident they can almost hang in the air, though they also seem more frail than before and takes more damage.

Above Concept character sketches created By Tessa Kleiner.
This image was a digital trace over the original sketches and quick colored by Tim.